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iCan Shine Bike Program

June 25-29, 2018

Location: TBD

Helping individuals with special needs gain confidence through bike riding

How Does It Work?

iCan Shine uses a fleet of adapted bicycles, a specialized instructional program and trained staff to teach individuals with disabilities to learn to ride a two-wheel bike independently. Participants attend one 75-minute session each day for five consecutive days where they learn to ride while accompanied and encouraged by a volunteer. Gradually the riders discover the skill and joy of riding a bike.

Each rider attends the same 75-minute session for each of the 5 days (M – F) and is assigned two volunteers that will work with the rider throughout the week.  This works great because bonds are formed between the volunteers and riders helpful for encouragement and motivational purposes throughout the week.   It is important for our riders to work with the same volunteer each day building a trusting relationship as they go through the intensive week.

The riders will be riding a specialized bicycle designed to teach them to balance appropriately for the entire 75 minutes each day while being accompanied by their assigned volunteers. Additionally, camp staff will provide fun motivational teaching on a specially designed tandem bike that is generally well received by most riders.

The first two days of the bike camp (Mon & Tues) will take place solely inside on adapted roller bikes. Beginning on the third day (Wed), some riders may graduate to a two-wheel bike and transition to riding outdoors spotted by their assigned volunteers.   As riders graduate from the roller bikes to a two-wheel bike between Wednesday and Friday, they will transition to the outdoor riding area.

Watch a video or two from previous camps to get an idea of what we are all about:

2014 Camp Video

2013 Camp Video

iCan Shine is part of a national charitable nonprofit organization. For more information, visit the iCan Shine website.

Requirements for participation:

  • Minimum of 8 years of age
  • With a disability
  • Able to walk without an assistive device
  • Willing and able to wear a properly fitted bike helmet
  • Able to sidestep to both sides
  • Maximum weight 220 lbs.
  • Minimum inseam of 20” (measured from the floor while wearing sneakers)

Camp runs Monday through Friday, June 25-29. Riders participate for the same 75-minute session all five days. No changing sessions or times. No cancellations or refunds after June 1, 2018. 

There is a mandatory parent information meeting on Sunday, June 24th, 9:00am. 

DSIA reserves the right to contact families to change session times based on registration needs. We will do our best to honor your choice, but circumstances might arise that we ask you to change your session for the week.

Session Times:

  • Session 1: 8:30-9:45
  • Session 2: 10:05-11:20
  • Session 3: 11:40-12:55
  • Session 4: 2:00-3:15
  • Session 5: 3:35-4:50 (session 5 will only open once 1-4 fill up)

Session Fees: 

  • $275 / non-members
  • $200 / members

UPDATE: Registration will open March 15th, 2018 to the general public. We will open registration on March 14th,2018 to DSIA members ONLY!  You must have an active membership prior to March 8th, 2018 to be eligible for this offer of pre-registration only.

Please sign up for the DSIA newsletter to be kept up to date on locations and registration.

For information on how to best prepare you rider for the iCan Bike Program please visit: https://icanshine.org/parents/ican-bike-parents/

To become a sponsor for this amazing program, please CLICK HERE for more information.

To volunteer for this program, please click here.

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