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We offer free programs, events, and services (focusing on every stage of life) to our community. Members receive substantial discounts on activities and events that require a fee. Learn more about how you can support our efforts by Funding a Program and becoming a member!

Current Programs

Parent-to-Parent Program

Provides support, networking, and information to families as they get a new diagnosis for their newly born or expected child. Learn more.


Educational Speaker Series

Expert speakers and workshops on various topics such as speech therapy, social security, nutrition, education, special needs trusts, and the list goes on!


Community Network Events

Opportunities for families and individuals with Down syndrome of all ages to network and get support. See our current list of events.


Sibling Workshops

Brothers and sisters learn more about disabilities in an accepting and confidential environment with peers, resulting in social connections and early lessons in advocacy. Check out our calendar to see when we’re hosting the next Sibling Workshop.


Hospital Outreach Program

Provides up-to-date information and resources to hospitals and medical professionals. Contact info@downsyndromeinfo.org if you’d like DSIA to do a presentation for doctors, nurses, staff, or medical students in your organization!

Current Services

Information and Referral

We are responsive to all requests for information via phone, email, or Web. If you need immediate support, please contact our 24 Hour Support Hotline at 916.842.7175 and you will be connected to our Parent-to-Parent Program Coordinator. Or feel free to contact us for any other information.



Current, comprehensive information, links to helpful resources, and current events for our community. Continue to browse our Website to take full advantage of this resource!


Parent Mentors

DSIA has highly-trained Parent Mentors that we match with parents who receive a new diagnosis. Parent Mentors provide support, understanding, answer questions, and can help new parents make connections to other families in their community. Learn more about the Parent-to-Parent Program and how to be matched with a Parent Mentor.


Down Comforter Package

When families receive a new diagnosis of Down syndrome, each family is given a package full of resources including our parent guide containing information on Down syndrome and messages of hope and inspiration, DSIA’s original books featuring local families, and much more! Learn more about the support we provide.


Self-Advocate and Family Events

Fun, exciting, and educational social opportunities offered year round. Check out our calendar to see what we have planned!



Monthly newsletters providing information about events, resources, advocacy, etc. Contact us and ask to receive our eNewsletter, or complete the subscription request on our homepage.


Lending Library

Resources such as books and videos loaned free of charge. Contact us to ask about the resources available, and to make arrangements to borrow what you need.


Outreach and Advocacy

We work with educators, healthcare professionals, and other community members to help us achieve our mission. Learn more about who we are.

We Can’t Do It Alone

Don’t forget, we need your help to continue to provide resources, education, and activities to our community. Learn more about how you can support our efforts by Funding a Program and becoming a member!

Our Sponsors

Thank you to all of our sponsors and donors whose generosity makes everything we do possible. Check out our current sponsors and let them know how much you appreciate their support!

Tax ID

DSIA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization Tax I.D. 20-1702399

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