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Lucky for Me

[DSIA’s parent guide features a story written by local self-advocate Kris Faith. His story reads like a letter written to parents who just learned that their newborn or expected baby has Down syndrome. This is his story.]

I was born in June 1978. My twin sister Katie was born on the same day.

After I was born the doctors told my parents that I have Down syndrome. One doctor told my parents they did not have to take me home. Lucky for me my parents did not listen to that doctor and took me home.

I have two older brothers, Tom and John. They are also twins. My parents adopted Tom and John when they were 5 years old. They also have disabilities. I have a younger sister Carrie. My sisters Katie and Carrie have kids, now I am an uncle.

In school I was in special education classes. I had many friends at school. Some kids at school teased me. In high school I went to the prom with a date. At my graduation some people gave me a standing ovation.

In college I took some regular ed classes like History of Jazz & Rock and Roll and Computer Literacy. In both classes I got a high C for my grade.

I love to go fishing with my Dad, and go to the movies and out to lunch with my Mom. It’s fun to stay overnight with both of my sisters. I love going to concerts like Josh Groban, New Kids on the Block, U2, Pink, and Justin Timberlake with my brother in law. My favorite artist of all times is Michael Jackson.

My dream is to be a famous songwriter. I write song lyrics. Someday I’m hoping to compose my own music. I have recorded six songs. I’ve been taking piano lessons two years.

I now live in a place of my own over my parents garage in Sacramento, California. I work for the State of California Department of Developmental Services. I am an office occupational clerk.

Let me give you my personal opinion. If your newborn baby has Down syndrome, don’t let the doctors talk you out of taking them home. Take a look at my life, and give them a chance.

-Kris Faith, Sacramento

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DSIA wants to shine the spotlight on local self-advocates! If you are a self-advocate and would like to share a story about your accomplishments, where you work, about school, travel, sports, or any other activity you enjoy, please let us know! We also welcome stories written by parents and siblings that highlight both the outstanding accomplishments and the everyday lives of self-advocates.

Contact us to share your story, and to learn more about how you can support DSIA. Or you can email your story to info@downsyndromeinfo.org for consideration. Selected stories will be featured here on our Website!

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